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Best Hentai Game EVER!

Dive into the colorful and thrilling hentai world filled with the nastiest of babes. Get to know their juicy desires as you move through the levels of the game. Enjoy illustrations, fun creative dialogs and gameplay. Treat yourself to the juiciest hentai stories and the kaleidoscope of beautifully crafted characters, who will tease the taste pallet of most experienced connoisseurs of this genre. Pussy Saga is more than just erotica, but the most sophisticated porn game you've ever seen! Try it out!
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Pummel Town: Christmas Vanity

Even tho Fucktown is a place where everyone will get laid sooner or afterwards some chractaers are doinfg what they can to make it sooner... even if it is xmas eve and they may elementary make a wish! But our hero is aman of scienece and xmas wishes are not something that will create his desires to come true. At least that is what he believes in. And this is the reason even in this time of year he is still working research laboratory. Secret research laboratory! Why is it secret we have no idea but looks like one of his most recent inventions is ready to be tested in a field. This is invention of his is a special glasses that will allow to see hot ladies without their clothes! To play the game only perform actions that are available on the screen at the moment and don't forget to enjoy!
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Christmas Warmth

Christmas is coming shortly and therefore miracles happen on the planet. By way of example, in this depraved and sexy flash game, beautiful and big-chested dolls even ask you a few questions. A total of 12. You must response the test questions to get the result. Each question is accompanied by a stunning and hot picture with big-chested dolls. 12 questions are 12 pictures. Nonetheless, it is not. You can embark the game from the beginning and choose other answers to the questions. Hence the number of pictures that are depraved will increase. I think you wish to see all the pictures in this game. If so, then you should embark playing at this time.
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Screw Town: Christmas Shopping

In Fucktown sex happens all the time but on Christmas it gets a little bit of magic sence into it. Want try this chiron magic yourself? Then hit the start button already! The story begins on a day before Xmas. Our hero goes shopping - he needs to get a gift for his nephew. At the toy shop he meets very cute assistant who is always ready to help with choosing gifts. She recommends a rail road. On the next day you understand that you have some time to... play with the rail road yourself! But first you will have to put all the pieces of the road into one big loop by solving a puzzle minigame. How playing toy rail road will get you closer to the shop girl you have meet yesterday and more importantly - how it will help you to get into her panties? To know that you will have to play this game!
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FT: Christmas Adventures

It is christmas season coming everywhere and Fucktown is not an exception. And ths signifies that now is the time to think about planning the celebration. And with this sorts of occasion there is an agency exists with quite suitable name"Be Happy!". And you will be experiencing glad right from the moment you will walk in this agency's office - the chick behind receptions atnd is indeed sexy looking that... you will get your very first interactive manga porn scene even before you will get any gamepay or puzzle or whatever you usually have to do in games from series about Fucktown before you will get to sexual content! Ofcourse it will all happen in your cravings but who knows - may be in this magical time of the year all your fantasies can become real to this agency?
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Xmas Pay Rise

Every time at Xmas season Santa's helpers have a lot work to do. And every time during this season one of those elves named Sparky is trying to receive a pay rise. How come he still did not get it? If you are indeed interested then just play this game to find the response. Actually there's absolutely no purpose in trying to keep an intrigue notably when you already know that this game is brought to you by"Meet and fuck". All of Sparky's attempts are usually finishes up at the moment when mrs Claus pull out her massive round tits and offers him to play with them instead of getting more currency. Might be Sparky didn't get his payment rise once again but his xmas spirit is undoubtedly got stronger! And looks like this year he will get a little bit more than simply a chnace to play with biggest tits he has ever seen...
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Christmas Ladies

Another excellent Christmas sex match from Memory games genre. Test your memory skills by opening cards that are equal in the ideal order to remove them. Your time and mistakes are limited play.
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Candy Shop - Peppermint

Here's an additional story from our crazy Candy Shop team. As everyone wishes to buy treats for themselves and as presents to others, Christmas is on of the busiest times for them. Everyone needs something fresh for Christmas. Lets start our experiment.
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Poke Town: Christmas Weekend

It is Christmas season in Fucktown. Which means that our hero has ultimately got a chance to spend a weekend at some distance from the town that is already mentioned and have some rest from it. From fucking but will he get any rest? Ofcourse he won't - this is anime porn game after all. So our hero goes to the mountains and have plans to snowboarding the whole weekend. But the first-ever person he will meet there will be very lovely looking brunete whose kinks won't cover even her outdoor clothes. Have a converse with her just doen't be surprised when this interesting converastion will trun into bet with indeed hot stakes. The winner will get the weekend of the fantasy and you most likely know what this fantasy is all about. Mention before because as it was already - this is anime porn game.
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Jingle Boobs

Appreciate the Christmas period with an easy Hentai puzzle game! All you need to do is slide lines of picture parts left or right with your mouse to earn a stable image of sexy hentai girl. Would you match all of these puzzles? I bet you can!
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Mrs.Claus The Unfaithful Wifey (Full Version)

In this game you will be playing as an elf dude - one of the Santa's helper. Tonight you will be helpingin leaning up Claus' building. Where you are going to understand that mrs Claus is still pretty hot lady and mr Claus is not paying her any attention in any way. Well, llooks like someone needs an elven help tonight... The game I sbased on you reaction. Just press and hold mouse button to carry out sexual actions with mrs Claus... while mr Claus is sitting right next to yo and reading his newspaper! Your job will be to please wifey and try not to get into hubby's look - looks like cheating problems may happen even on a magical north pole! If you not get caught in the living room then you will determine that there are mor eplaces at the building where mrs Claus would really like to get fucked!
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Quickie: Christmas Special

In thsi game you might sense the spirit of Christmas even in the event that you have the month of can outside your window. And what is more arousing than xmas? Speniding xmas with sexy female of course! The genre of this game is visual publication (mostly). Give your character a name and venture will begin. Since this si visual novel there will likely probably be tones of text to read (or to skip). From time to time you will have to make a choice from few unique choices. First and very likely the most important is to response one of four messages - each from different female. Probably you might want to replay the game afterwards because choosing only one of gals means that you will see only 25 percent of extra hot manga porn scenes. Large tits, xmas costumes and animated lovemaking scenes - this is what you get in thsi game!
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Slugger's Boobie Christmas

Hello and Holiday greetings to all of you from Slugger! You might know him as horny co-host of the hit online animation series called"YAAFM". But that's not the point - the point is that he is obsessed with bang-out and bra-stuffers... yeap, just like many of you out there! The genre of this game is holiday card which is meant only for adult auditory since it will true sexually explicit saluting karaoke tonight! So click the embark button and prepare to observe plenty of sexy erotic model (real ones - not some animation parodies at all) posing in xmas themed costumes and lingeries! Of course there will be the words for the song and you are able to sing with Slugger the whole song if just staring at sweet beauties is not enough for you! And be confident that you will observe it till the end...
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H.A.L.C Fuck-hole - New Yr

Virtual artbook Slot machine is back in new edition - this time all pictures will be dedicated to Xmas and Holiday season! So get ready to unwrap your gift with each new page you will spin! But before you will have something to see you will need to win few things in slot machine. It is pretty easy - just make your bet and spin the wheel. Depending on your luck you will get an opportunity to win qite a sum of factors. The most effective possible variant will provide enough points to unlcok few centerfolds in a row! Busty anime chicks in their whorey versions of Mrs Claus' and elven helpers costumes are waiting. Among all these ladies you might recognize some favored characters from renowned anime or videogames - unlock (and print!) Them all on this magical night!
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Fuck Town: Christmas Adventures

Christmas season is back to Fucktown... which means more sexy adventures for you! This is a time of giving presents... or making some cash on delivering presents if you are from the company who does such things on christmas. But this year the delivery might have to wait a tiny bit. Why? Becaus this new dame on the reception is way too hot - all that our principal hero can think is about to let her big tits out and fuck her cooch while she is still clothed! There will be even a minigame about that - hear how this dame wants to get fucked at the moment and give it to her by switch fuck-a-thon mode! Fuck her in different positions - in your fantasies she can be quite promiscuous! But don't feel that this will be your one and only escapade in this sport - there will be much more sex and puzzles!
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Christmas Ultra Bounce

Christmas is coming briefly so it's time for miracles. In this manga porn flash game you will be able to test your skill, as well as enjoy watching depraved manga porn pictures with chesty femmes. So look at the game screen. You see a racket. To control the racket, use the mouse. After a couple of seconds the nutsack will soon probably embark falling from the very best. You have to hammer them with a racket. For each ball you get game points. As briefly as you collect the necessary amount of game points you will see a picture with chesty femmes. There are 15 images in total. So be attentive, if the ball falls down you lose 1 life. The more points you collect, the more images you will see. Enjoy this flash game at this time.
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Pussymon 8

Are you ready for new adventures in the world of Pussymons? Because vignette 8 is here and it is called"A Xmas Duty". Yeah, you got it right - it is special christmas edition of your (most likely ) dearest game! Following DOT's telephone (you should know who that is... or you should play preceding scenes ) you and your pals come to a new region - a frozen land known as Frost Pole! And obviously your escapade will begin at the local tavern where you will meet new characters and get some new quests from them. Explore this new region, finish quests and naturally try to catch new pussymons (which are also christmas specials) - in other words do all the things that you like this game series for (again - most likely ). And prepare yourself for more of upcoming adventures in the next year!
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Fuck Town: Christmas Blackout

On every holidays there are dozens of guys working hard so we can enjoy our celebration uninterrupted. Our hero works as a dispatcher of electrical emergency support. Luckily he'll get laid:)
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Christmas Surprises

Christmas time is the most arousing time of the year. And this awakening is something that can easily be turned into interesting story driven manga porn game. Just like the one you are just about to play. The game is made as animted comics yet you still will have a lot of influence on where the story will go. Because not only you can witness the pictures and read the dialogs but choose the answers in these dialogs too. The story will tell about two people from two unique eras (late 1950's and modern days) but both of them have uncontrolled sexual fantasies and desire at least a few of them to become real. And which of those fantasies will get real you will find out only in the event that you will play the game yourself. Humor, excellent art and interactive story is what you will get from this erotic game!
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Candy Shop - Christmas with the Stewarts

It is xmas season... which means that candy factories possess lots fo work to do. Including your beloved"Candy Shop" where sweets are not oly created but turned into shape of hot lady and then fucked in laboratory! But since this is particular scene you won't be visiting the factory -tonigth you are welcomed to witness how the Stewarts spend thsi magic night... The kids are long asleep, dad's jokes are already told and now it is time to find out what wife will get in this truly big gift box from her hubby. But this really can be gonna be real surprise for both of them - loos liek mailman has delivered the wrong box and our heroes got teh box from"Candy Shop" with truly hot Chocalatina in it! What will happen next? Something that you are going to want to see yourself!
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Christmas Manga porn Math

At Christmas, there are always amazing and interesting things. As an example now you can play an interesting flash game. And also check how quickly it is possible to solve mathematical equations and problems in your mind. Obviously, you will receive a reward after completing this task. So look at the game screen. You see a lovely and chesty manga porn doll in the background. She is wearing Christmas clothes and very attractive. After a couple of seconds, mathmatical equations will emerge on the screen. You must solve them and give the ideal reaction. To do this, click in a circle at the close of the equation and come in the response. If the reaction was correct, then the game moves to a new level and the picture from the game changes. The more levels you pass, the more jagged pictures you will see.
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My Wendy Christmas

Christmas is a veyr bewitching time of the year when you can meet all your old friends... and more important - girlfriends! The story embarks when the holiday season is really getting ot its end which means that our principal hero has already visited everyone he desired to and now having mor time to roam in the beautifully decorated city park. And thsi si the place where he matches Wendy who he he has not seen for over few years now. Let xmas magic to work for you but still try to be nice with this female in dialog scenes (and otehr epsiodes where you will have to make a decision on what to do next) and who knows - may be she will let you to unwrap the most intimate present that only possible for a fellow to get from a female... For more arousing games that take place on xmas holidays it is possible to see our website!
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Christmas Ladies 2

In this interesting flash game you will be able to showcase everyone how well you memorize some objects or drawings. So the major mission is to open playing cards in a few seconds. Look at the screen. You see six cards. Click on one of them and recall that it will be in the picture. Then you will need to find the same card from the remaining 5 cards. Be careful as the game time is constrained. As briefly as you open all the cards, you will realize a depraved picture and the game moves to another level. The more levels in the game you go through the more graphics you can see. Start playing right now because beautiful and big-titted dolls are waiting for your attention.
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Bleach Christmas

This next game will demonstrate you how Ichigo and Rukia are currently celebrating the xmas this year. By the wayif youdidn't get it yet Rukia and Ichigo would be the key characters of rather well-liked manga and anime series called"Bleach". Which actually makes this plain manga porn game a parody manga porn game and a diminutive present for"Bleach" admirers out ther. The game is plain and all that you will have to do is to choose how exactly Ichigo will fuck Rukia tonight. Tease her, poke her, fuck her up her cock-squeezing butthole - choose whatever you want if it will make their mutual sexual energy to accumulate. Once this energy can get to a required level you will see a bonus cum-shot scenes where Ichigo shoots his jizz geyser all over Rukia's whorey face. And if you luved the procedure you can replay it instantaneously.
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Final Fantasy Hentai Final Fantasy Hentai

cartoon fucky-fucky

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Simpsons Porn Simpsons Porn

The Simpsons - Glad New Year!

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